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I grew up on a small farm so had many a different breed of dogs as a kids do on farms. As a adult my love of animals grew and so I have had many more breeds of dogs.

I first saw an Irish Wolfhound in 2006 and was mesmerize by their grace, beauty and size and in 2008 I bought my first Wolfhound and that's when I was hooked. I started taking to confirmation classes. Went to dog shows to ask other breeders about how to groom, how to enter shows and hooked again.

Five Wolfhounds later I have a show quality hound. 

So my kennel name " Samhain "  pronounced " Sow - in" , means " Summers End " is when my wolfhound was born.

My dogs are like my kids only with 4 legs and have fur.

They sleep on furniture, beds and have toys.

When I breed, my puppies do not leave my home until 11 - 12 weeks of age. They are vaccinated, micro chipped , liver shunt tested and registered with CKC

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